Saturday, October 28, 2006

The gift

Brew of the day: Ginger & Orange ~ warming for a wet, cold, windy Autumn morning here at the base of the Pennines.

I fell in love yesterday. Clearly the highlight of my week! I’d dropped my daughters off at a friend’s place for some informal art lessons while I went off to a meeting.

While there, I met the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I went through my memory of all the children I’d worked with in Montessori and Steiner schools, and also in my late teens when I worked in a childcare centre, and as a nanny. This little girl was in a class of her own.

Although completely besotted by her physical beauty, I was enchanted and drawn in by her innocence. Radiating in the glory of her true and authentic self, I reflected on the thought that there is
a woman in every girl, and wondered what the coming years would bring her way. I prayed that when the veil of innocence is removed that it is something she does for herself, rather than cruelly have done to her.

A child like her is becoming increasingly rare in this modern age. Children and adults the world over are searching for their spiritual selves. Many are at a loss as they search for their sacred selves in an increasingly heartless and soulless material world. The cultural side-effect is a plague of discontented people.

Despite all the harshness of this crazy ol’ life, it’s soul-enhancing and encouraging to still meet children like this one who aren’t covered in sparkly make-up, donning high heels and wearing t-shirts which say, “I’ve got attitude!” or “I can’t be bovvered”. That’s supposed to be cute? I don’t think so!

One of the things which really warmed my heart was her immediate trust in me, and that she was able to be friendly and open without question. My experience in this past decade is of children greeting strangers with complete suspicion ~ no doubt a legacy of their parents.

Good parenting is an investment which truly has ongoing dividends, and replays itself day in, day out, in ways we don’t always recognise or perhaps even appreciate. It’s so clear to me that while this girl probably arrived in the world all goodness and light, these qualities have been allowed to develop under the nurturing hands and hearts of her parents. It’s vital, as a culture, that we work together to protect the beauty and innocence of all our children. They deserve nothing less.

There’s a girl inside every woman.

I enter this new week taking that little girl’s beauty and charm in my heart, and remember that I too was once young, charming and delightful (so I’m told!!)…and such qualities must still exist within.

Of course it was easy to be enveloped by such a lovely child. We both arrived into our new relationship fresh; devoid of baggage. When I went back to greet my own daughters I carried in my heart the essence of that encounter, and imagined being with them each day on a new footing. Baggage left outside the door!

As conscious parents we need to be vigilant about coming to each moment with our children, as if it was a new experience.

A Course in Miracles teaches us about removing the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence. I truly feel humbled by my time with such a lovely little girl, and will treasure the gift as I share it with my own children.

I know it’s rather clich├ęd now, but have you hugged your kids today?

Have a fab week, Veronika.

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Hazel said...

Yes thank you. I hug my Romy several times a day :o)))