Thursday, August 30, 2007

Measles and MMR jabs

The government has enlisted the media for their annual scaremongering campaign to get ill-informed parents to vaccinate. The reports are always so biased and ONE SIDED.

I'm ever so grateful that I can't be scared, bullied or intimidated into assaulting my girls' immune systems. There is no amount of money on this planet that would ever have me putting such poison into my children's bodies.

My decision to not vaccinate has always been intuitive. Yet the research I've done in the years since has left me gobsmacked by the complete veil draped across the eyes of unsuspecting parents. I'm left stunned by the inability of doctors to think for themselves. My sister sold childhood vaccines to doctors. I witnessed, first hand, an awful lot of bribery and corruption, otherwise known as 'gift incentives'. The more vaccines a doctor gives, the more s/he earns. In Australia, they even go as far as PAYING parents to vaccinate their children! Criminal, at best.

I was unvaccinated as a child. Apparently, according to the BBC news tonight, all people aged 40 and over have had measles in childhood. Er, wrong. I only had mumps. A few years back I had chickenpox.

The sheeple (people who act like sheep and don't think for themselves) will continue to vaccinate their children in the mistaken belief that the concoction of chemicals and poisons will 'immunise' them against killer diseases.

Let's clarify a few things.

Measles is not a killer disease. Children who die from measles are those who are medically 'mismanaged' during the natural course of the disease. That is, they've had their fever suppressed. Next time you hear a doctor ranting on about "I've seen a child die from measles!!" ask him to produce their immunisation record and give details on how the child was treated. That is where the answer will lie, NOT whether or not they'd been vaccinated.

You wouldn't drink a vaccine, so why on earth inject it? The first line of defence against infectious diseases is a layer of bacteria on our skin and mucus membranes. The second line is the skin and the mucus membranes themselves. Any disease that gets past these defences is branded by Immunoglobulin A. This then sets up a chain which allows Immunoglobulin G to come along and get rid of the disease. If you are healthy, NOTHING can penetrate your body. It is WRONG to bypass the skin barrier by injection.

If you do get an infection, you'll get a fever. The medical profession have ingrained parents to be scared of fevers. This is unfortunate because fevers fight the infection. A healthy body will not create a fever high enough to cause brain damage. Vomiting is a natural response to eliminating toxins.

I grew up in Australia, where sugar cane is grown. Before the canes are harvested, the fields are burnt. This is specifically to get rid of all the 'vermin' ~ snakes, toads, etc., before harvesting. A fever is the body's way of burning off the vermin!

If your child can't protect herself from infectious diseases under normal circumstances, then she is at great risk from vaccination. Vaccination doesn't give life long immunity, catching the childhood disease NATURALLY does.

Vaccination causes the body to draw calcium from itself to attach to the invading chemicals so it can neutralise the vaccine. We absolutely NEED calcium for our nervous system and muscle function. You aren't in your child's body so you have no way of knowing, or experiencing, the impact of the vaccine. Severe calcium deficiency may not be visible to you, as a parent, for many years by which time it will be far too late to rectify.

Parents are encouraged to be reassured by the government that studies prove vaccines to be safe. If this was so, then why don't they tell parents that these studies are funded by vaccine manufacturers!!?

Vaccination is a multi-billion pound industry. Of course they want us to vaccinate! And the only way they can do it is by instilling fear. Why don't they parade the thousands upon thousands of vaccine damaged (and dead) children alongside their campaigns? Surely that would be more honest?

A parent is the only barrier between a vaccine manufacturer murdering or physically damaging their child. A parent is responsible for their child's health, NOT the government. Do you really think your child will grow and up thank you for poisoning them?

Media energy around vaccination is a major act of bullying. It's not acceptable in the playground, so why do we allow it in the area of children's health?

We're told that vaccination programmes eliminate diseases. There is NO proof of this in any country of the world. All childhood diseases are cyclical and this has nothing whatsoever to do with vaccines or their efficacy.

Many of the adverse reactions to disease fall outside the Government's allotted time frame and they refuse to record them, thereby giving inaccurate outcomes. The vast majority of vaccine-damaged children don't get reported by the doctors.

In the USA thousands and thousands of parents are sueing for vaccine damage to their children, yet vaccinations continue. Are humans stupid, or what?

It's only when you decide to explore and research vaccinations (and please don't call them immunisations, because they don't immunise) that you see how skewed the studies are; how the biggest outbreaks occur in the most heavily vaccinated areas!

If you are one of those people who believe in the theory of herd immunity, I can't recommend highly enough the article we had recently in The Mother. Common sense would tell you that if a vaccine protects from disease, then an unvaccinated child is INCAPABLE of spreading disease.

Vaccinations are a frightening area to dip your toes into for the sole reason that the sheeple have been led to believe vaccinations are sacred and life saving. When you see the truth for yourself, read the research, see the facts, all you can do is hang your head in shock, shame and anger at the deliberate misinformation. The vaccines are far more dangerous than any childhood illness.

I, for one, am happy that my children will act as 'guinea pigs' showing what excellent health really looks like.

We build up our children's immune systems primarily by raising them in a space of love. If they feel good about themselves, rather than belittled, shamed or constantly threatened, they grow like weeds ~ strong, healthy, unstoppable.

Sustained breastfeeding is a lifelong investment, one that is sadly not recognised or endorsed in western countries. It's the only TRUE immuniser. Formula is dead, static and synthetic. It does not, and can not, build your child's immune system. It can not track the environment for pathogens to protect the child like a mother's body does. Her body is constantly scanning the environment in order to provide 'immunisation' in her milk.

Children need to eat fresh, raw fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts on a daily basis. The government's 'five a day' is only half of what the body should have. I shake my head in disgust when I see adverts for things like baked beans or fruit cordial saying, 'counts towards your five a day'. IT DOESN'T!!! Your body needs fresh, that is, uncooked, unfrozen, untinned!!!, fruit and vegetables.

Children must have plenty of rest and sleep. Our 24/7 entertainment society has insidiously crept into children's lives too, with the vast majority of western kids glued to televisual stimulus of some sort. Electromagnetic radiation from mobiles, computers, tvs, wifi…all add to the soup of ill-health. Think twice before you buy into the idea that your children need all these things to be part of society.

All humans need clean, pure, living water. Is your child drinking 6 - 8 glasses of water a day and eating plenty of water-rich food?

If you're concerned about your child getting measles, make them a fresh carrot juice every day (not shop bought juice as it is pasteurised, thereby killing the enzymes) to boost their vitamin a levels. Children who get measles have been found to have low levels of vitamin a.

If your child gets measles, don't panic if there is a fever. The body knows what it is doing. Each degree rise in temperature DOUBLES the rate and production of leucocytes. Nature knows what she is doing. Avoid antibiotics as they stop the immune system functioning optimally and strip the gut of vitamin k. Convulsions are not due to high temperature but from the rapid rise in temperature.

According to the World Health Organisation vaccinated people are FOURTEEN times more likely to contract measles that those who haven't been vaccinated.

Vaccinations are social violence against our children.

Vaccine ingredients ~ would you drink this?

Formaldehyde, mercury or #6 pheno-oxyethanol
Paint thinner
Sulfite and phosphate compounds
Polysorbate 80/20
Amphotericin b and other chemicals
Hydrolozed gelatine
Dead animal tissue and blood (eg cow, chick, human embryo (from aborted babies), monkey, sheep, pig, dog, etc)
Mutated human viruses
Contaminant animal viruses
(eg SV40 which causes cancer in humans)
Bacteria and bacterial endotoxins
Yeast and animal bacterial and viral DNA (which can be incorporated into the recipient's DNA)

For the side effects of formaldehyde and mercury, contact the poisons centre for a complete list.

No self respecting vegan or vegetarian would choose vaccination.

I know many parents feel the decision whether to vaccinate or not is a tough decision. I don’t see why that would be so. You either believe a poison is going to make you strong and healthy, or you don't. Trust your gut, not the government. The answers are within you. Don't be drawn into system out of fear.

If you're new to the idea that you actually have a choice regarding the vaccination of your children, and would like more information please contact the Vaccination Awareness Network. (contact details are on The Mother magazine website It's run by one of The Mother magazine's columnists ~ Joanna Karpasea Jones. She writes a regular column for us on vaccination awareness. In issue 24 (posted out to subscribers next week) she shares how vaccination programmes are being used universally to 'control' population growth. It's quite something, isn't it, to think our daughters may be DELIBERATELY rendered infertile through 'every day' vaccinations!?

In issue 25, due out early November, Joanna has a column questioning MMR.

I don't know of any other natural parenting magazines that are 100% opposed to vaccinations. All the ones I come across, sit on the fence for fear of offending someone (that old chestnut!). These are our children we're talking about! There's no time or reason to be offended. The truth must come out. Parents must be fully informed.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Today's cuppa: Peace Tea (ingredients: love, kindness and awareness)

Another boy has been shot by a teenager… it's becoming a regular news item here in the UK.

People (especially our ever-so-wise politicians) talk about tougher gun laws, stronger education, getting male role models for fatherless boys…but this is all so much ambulance at the bottom of the cliff talk.

Why is it so impossible for people to CONNECT THE DOTS? Really, it does my head in that there is such complete ignorance, at the highest levels of psychology, neuro-biology and medicine, in relation to violence and teenagers (and adults).

We're all born with biological needs which must be met if we're to develop optimally. Many of these needs are immediately met through breastfeeding, as the rich biochemical nutrients are vital for developing the neuro-transmitters which develop our capacity towards peace or violence. FORMULA DOESN'T CONTAIN THIS.

The more technologically advanced our society becomes, the further we seem to move away from our biological needs. There is always a price for doing so. And boy are we seeing the price for the child neglect and abuse which is happening DAILY on a massive scale.

We are inflicting violence on our children from the earliest age ~ even in-utero, with invasive tests and scans (which essentially microwave the baby's cells!!).

Many babies today are born by very violent means: suction, forceps or scalpel. Many c-sections babies even get cut. Modern babies are handled roughly, like lumps of meat, rather than souls who've just arrived Earthside in exquisitely-sensitive bodies.

Further violence, and it IS A VIOLATION to this sacred babe ~ and the mother, occurs when the baby is removed from the mother for routine and other testing. And more violence occurs when the baby isn't immediately put to the breast.

Violence continues throughout childhood in various forms ~ stuck in a prison called a 'cradle'; left to stare at a ceiling, rather than held by mother; left to cry; dummy as a replacement for non-nutritive sucking at the breast; left with strangers in day care; sent to nursery at three (at 3 for goodness' sake!); given dead, lifeless, processed food and drink (especially formula); compulsory, enforced learning before the first milk teeth have fallen out…and so it goes on and on. Of course, very few people would even consider any of these to be violence because we've become so indoctrinated with this as being 'normal'.

Eventually all this violence has to find an outlet. The baby grows into the toddler into the child into the teenager… Some of these children deal with their hurts in other ways ~ various dysfunctions, such as depression, eating disorders, a tendency towards suicide; addiction to televisual technology and consumerism. Some of our violently abused children will direct this hurt at themselves, and some will turn. They'll turn with a gun, a knife or other tool. But turn, they will. At no other time in our history have adults been scared of teenagers on the streets.

We need everyone to start connecting the dots……………………….

Find me one abusive, dangerous, tormented soul who had a gentle birth and was fully breastfed by an affectionate, loving mother, who carried and slept with her baby, and I'll shut my mouth forever ~ honest ~ not one more blog, not one more magazine.

I can guarantee that all the people who are committing violence against others, and themselves, had a violent birth, little or no breastfeeding (or weaned by mother before 2.5 years), and were deprived of an active in-arms experience with their mother.

So let's stop all this bullshit about tighter gun laws...we wouldn't even desire guns or to inflict violence if we weren't shot in the heart when we left our mother's womb!

Girl Gangs

Today's cuppa: Elderberry Tea

There was talk in the media this week of a rise in girl gangs. I thought I'd share about the Girl Gang in our village.

It consists of my two daughters and a friend who lives a few houses away. They chant 'girl pack club' and make notices for the bus shelter saying "dog walkers available ~ dogs must be little and not aggressive! £1.50 per dog."

They hatch plans to do all sorts of things, but mostly they get out their rollerblades (found in the animal rescue shop for £2 a pair!), play in their club house (a space under the pine trees, covered with some corrugated iron, making it suitable even in a wet British summer!). The girls in the gang have a busy life foraging for fruit, having a sleep over, playing dolls, making decorative mud pies, riding bikes.

One of the main things I've noticed with this gang is that they laugh and laugh and laugh! Music to this mother's ears…

Captured Sunlight

Today's cuppa: Rosehip and apple tea
A 'toast' to my boyfriend...who's 59 today! (25th August) I love you, Paul ~ you've made my life. The Universe couldn't have conjured me up a better husband! And happy birthday to my lovely friend, Amy, in Panama City...breastfeeding her beautiful new (VBAC) daughter, Isabella.

Only a week until the little ladies are back at school. If I could sum up this summer in two words, apart from 'crap weather', it would be 'captured sunlight'.

There can't have been more than a day or two that's passed without the girls foraging. They've eaten their way through strawberries, gooseberries, apples, raspberries, black currants, blackberries, wild cherries ~ not to mention stripping my pea plants bare. It's all I can do to keep them off my ripening blueberry bushes!

They've always been little fruit bats, but it still gives me such a kick to see them devour man's natural foods. Both of them will literally stand at a bush of fruit for hours, nibbling away. They have no need to coat these fruits in sugar, bake them in a pie, turn them into cordial or boil into jam… My girls eat fruit raw, ripe and fresh, just as nature intended.

I've seen many mothers who have a fear of their children eating 'real fruit'. "Oh, no, she'll get a sore tummy. All that fruit's not good for you."


It's not surprising that people get sore tummies, but let's be clear here ~ it's not the fault of the fruit!

Fruit likes to be eaten on its own. Look at the average western diet and see how fruit is consumed. Many people consider it a dessert and usually eat it after a heavy carb-based meal. Fruit, on any empty tummy, takes 20 minutes to digest, like breast milk. If you eat it with steak or bread, it is going to ferment in the tummy! It's no wonder the body reacts! Give a body fresh, raw, ripe fruit on an empty tummy and it will literally dance with joy. "WOW…at last, enzymes! Unprocessed vitamins and minerals!" Can't you just hear your cells dancing?

The beauty of freshly ripened fruit is that it is, literally, captured sunlight. And it is this sunlight, these stored electrons, which gives us a zest for life.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Saturn in the 5th house ~ learning life's lessons in the house of children.

Today's cuppa: Lime and elderflower tea

I'm researching for a book I wish to write about the impact of having the planet Saturn in the 5th house.

In astrology, the 12 houses are considered to be mansions of the soul. The planet which is transiting through it at the time of your birth, brings energy or lessons with it.

Saturn is considered to be Father Time, or some say, the Lord of Karma. However you choose to look at it, this planet certainly brings *interesting* learning opportunities. The fifth house represents children, creativity and love affairs.

My focus, for the book, is specifically on children.

Having Saturn in this house can manifest in many ways. Ancient astrologers used to say that if a woman had Saturn in this house, it meant she couldn't have children. Later on they said that if she did have children, she'd be a bad mother (ouch!!). I know in my life it manifests by finding it REALLY hard to sit down and 'play dolls'!! (LOL)

I have Saturn in my 5th house ~ and am interested in how it plays out in other women's lives. My grandmother's saturn in the 5th manifested with three children dying in infancy (during the war years).

Clearly my life's work is around children, and it plays out not only in the passion I have for my own children being raised optimally, but also through creating The Mother magazine.

Saturn in the 5th house can manifest in so many ways, such as infertility (usually it has psychological, rather than physical, reasons), repeated miscarriages, stillbirth, death of a child/children in infancy....generally, 'difficulties' around children. I want to show that it isn't always like this, and can manifest in other ways too.

Lest it sound all doom and gloom, it needn't be....and that is the point I wish to make in my book... how we can take these lessons and *prune* our essential self to blossom fully, rather than be crushed and heartbroken.

I believe Saturn is our life coach....he's here to test our spiritual muscles, so to speak. Many people who dabble in astrology fear Saturn. It's a shame, and I certainly believe that the more you fear something, the more painful a hold it has on you. My goal in writing this book is to show how we can genuinely befriend Saturn and use this natal placement to our advantage and JOY.

If you have Saturn in the 5th and would be happy to contribute your experiences, please do contact me via The Mother website. If you suspect you might have it there, but are not sure, you can google Astrodienst and get a free chart done. You'll need an accurate time of birth.
Or I can look into it for you.

Please be assured all correspondence is strictly confidential, and if you do decide to be a 'case study' in the book, names will be changed to protect privacy.

Best wishes, Veronika

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Inducing guilt in bottle feeding mothers

Today's cuppa: Echinacea tea (and a few cinnamon cookies I made yesterday!)

I was watching William, our chubby short-haired Persian, sitting outside in the rain this morning being attacked by swallows. They flew down, one at a time, right down to his ear height. William thought it was a wonderful game; tail wagging, paw up. He had no idea that he was an enemy in their environment.

I mused that his circumstance wasn't much different to mine. When you go into someone else's space, you risk everything and are open to criticism. I enter that space every time I write a blog or put out an issue of The Mother magazine.

This past week, or so, has opened up the breastfeeding debate once again ~ thankfully. Unfortunately, with it comes a load of incorrect information, even, and especially, from the very organisations we rely on to educate!

The chief executive of the National Childbirth Trust, Belinda Phipps, wrote to The Times stating that they support a woman's 'choice' whether to breastfeed or bottle feed. You simply can not promote natural childbirth without educating about the importance of breastfeeding. As soon as we take a stance like that of the NCT, we're effectively saying 'there's no difference between breast milk and formula.' We're not talking about choosing between coke and pepsi, for goodness sake! Though coke and freshly squeezed orange juice might be a better analogy ~ one being dead, artificial and a path to death, the other being fresh, life-giving and packed with enzymes.

Nobody EVER talks about the baby's rights, you know, that little dependent creature who's forced to drink that toxic concoction of 'formula'. Every baby born on this planet has encoded into every cell of their being, the BIOLOGICAL EXPECTATION to breastfeed for anything up to about the time the milk teeth fall out. EVERY BABY!

Isn't it child abuse on the grandest scale to deny them this
because a mother can't be 'bothered'?

Imagine 50 billion dominoes all lined up, ready to be knocked over in order. Our neurons are like this… we wait for the right developmental need to be met, and bang, another 'domino' goes over ~ a 'connection' is made in the neural pathways. When we 'CHOOSE' a counterfeit milk, the dominoes don't get knocked over. When we choose to forgo the bonding which is specific to feeding at the breast, we are denying our child more than just their birth right. We're compromising their life-long physical health, emotional well-being, neuro-psychological function and healthy sexuality. When the cued dominoes don't fall over during the baby/child's expected developmental stage, they don't EVER get the chance for that to happen again. They may spend their adult life looking for quick fixes to sort out an aching emptiness which pervades their being.
Every hour of every day is important in the great biological plan of the human body.

In a few short generations we've deviated from our biological expectations. In a few short generations, cultures which rely on formula have become very ill and very dysfunctional. But it's a *choice*, though. It's become the norm for most people to survive, rather than thrive. When just about everybody is tootling along in first gear, rather than fifth, the culture thinks this is 'natural'.

Let's follow this through, though, because at the end of the day someone has to PAY for these choices. Not only will the person raised on formula have to pay with poorer vision, intelligence, hearing, well-being (the list is endless!), but society pays, and the Earth most certainly pays. Will breastfeeding mothers be able to CHOOSE not to contribute taxes to the National Health Service on the grounds that they took full responsibility for their child's health? That would bring 'choice' full circle. It might sound selfish, indeed, even a radical thought, but at the rate we're going, it might become an option. It would truly be a user pays service.

Our culture supports abortion ~ leaving it up to the woman whether she takes the child's life or not. Although socially accepted, does it make it any less of a child killing? Rather than support women in these circumstances, or ideally, show them how not to create unwanted pregnancies, we give them the 'choice'.

Breastfeeding is viewed in the same way. People are scared to speak up. If women want to choose bottle feeding over breastfeeding, I believe they should sign a disclaimer acknowledging the harm they're putting their baby in…and promising to take full responsibility for the outcome, even if it manifests decades later in depression, adrenal issues, heart problems, suicide, violence, etc., or reproductive organ cancers in the mother.

Another letter to The Times claimed that, as she was an adoptive mother, she had no choice but to bottle feed. This is simply another myth. A woman choosing to adopt a baby can induce lactation. This sort of information should be given out by adoption agencies.

The best letter by far was from Alison Blenkinsop who wrote that formula isn't second best, expressed milk from the mother is, and third best is donated breast milk. I'm so glad The Times published that!

Ours is a culture that really doesn't want women like me to speak up and dispel myths. The myths keep everyone inertia ~ and stop them from taking action and responsibility, not only for their own health, but for the baby's health, and the effect on society and the environment.

So, I feel a bit like William with the swallows some times. Little arrows fly at me telling me to 'shut up, get out of our space'. Frankly, though, it's not enough for me to write or publish articles just in The Mother magazine. For the most part, it's preaching to the converted. Nothing wrong with that, of course, as we might just reach 100th monkey syndrome and create a breastfeeding revolution.

One of the most common things which come out of any breastfeeding conversation is that we mustn't make bottle feeding mothers feel guilty.

Firstly, NO-ONE but no-one can *make* you feel anything. The choice is always with you as to how you perceive or respond to an issue.

Secondly, guilt is not a feeling, it's a thought. We may feel sick in the stomach, chew our nails, eat a donut to get rid of emotional discomfort, but they are secondary responses. Guilt comes from 'knowing' we're compromising the optimum. It's a biological response to show us we're 'off the path'. Guilt is a fabulous thing when we listen to it, rather than suppress it.

Is it so awful (honestly??) for us to remind women that they've put their child in danger? Not to mention the woman's own health and increased risk from breast, ovarian and cervical cancers?
If you saw a child walking across the motorway about to be knocked over would you just stand there and do nothing? Bottlefeeding is no different! Death may not be so immediate, but the consequences can be just as devastating.

Is it so bad to remind women that true mothering means meeting every one of your baby's biological needs? How on Earth do we create change if we don't speak up?

People assume that the breastfeeding brigade is a bunch of sanctimonious trouble makers. I would say that they are women who are speaking from a place of love. It is love that brings us to action, that causes us to speak out. It's love for the woman and baby. It's love for all of humanity. One bottle fed baby affects everyone.

Personally, guilt would overcome me if I kept my mouth shut every time I heard a breastfeeding myth. Guilt would tell me that I'm not living my truth, walking my talk, or being authentic if I just smiled and said, 'there, there, never mind, it's a CHOICE'.

It's easy to target someone like Jordan for blatantly promoting bottle feeding. The truly sad part is that she doesn't feel she's severely compromising her children. It appears she gives no thought to the impact her disposable bottles have on the environment. Yes, as someone commented on last week's blog, she IS a victim too. It breaks my heart that she hasn't bonded with her baby or the planet. What hope is there for her children when they become parents?
I don’t feel, however, that I do anything to promote breast feeding by ignoring a situation like this. Sometimes we need examples to show how far off the mothering continuum some people go. She's very deliberately chosen to be in the public eye ~ and particularly, in this case, to promote her infant formula views. So, in some ways, she too is like William the cat!! (Fancy Jordan and I having something in common!!) Little arrows are coming to her from all directions. Sadly, though, like William, she probably thinks it's a game too.

There'll be women reading this who believe, hand on heart, that they really couldn't breastfeed. I have the utmost empathy for you. Any woman who still has intact breasts CAN breastfeed. One of the biggest myths in western culture is that of insufficient milk syndrome. The proportion of women who claim to not have enough milk rises in response to the availability of infant formula in their culture. End of story.

There will be other women who'll say they had to stop because they had sore nipples, mastitis [put in just about any reason here, apart from extreme illness or death]… It's very unfortunate that any of these things afflict breastfeeding women, but it is even more unfortunate that these challenges become reasons to stop. This issue is never about the 'problem', but about the incorrect support or information.

Even a high circulation 'natural parenting' magazine in the UK is continuing to print inappropriate breastfeeding advice. It's a vicious circle and I'm not surprised that women give up so easily.

Does that mean I should shut up and say "it's a woman's choice to bottle feed?"
Not on their little baby's life!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

THE GREAT MOTHERING DISCONNECT ~ a sign of our dysfunctional culture

Today's cuppa: Lemon grass and ginger ~ especially for my gorgeous friend Ruth in Cornwall. Happy birthday syster (for August 8th)

OK! magazine and SMA, makers of counterfeit milk, should be utterly ashamed of themselves for such unethical profiteering by using Jordan to promote the use of their fake milk.

I've not seen the photo spread but have had enough emails from concerned mothers to know it features her new baby with a diamond encrusted dummy and very obvious images of SMA products in the pictures. Had Jordan asked her baby what she'd prefer, there's no question the little girl would indicate 'breast'. But the wee little lass never got the chance. You see, Jordan doesn't believe in breastfeeding. She's made it quite clear in the past that breasts are purely for a man's pleasure and not for something as primal as, OMG, breast feeding!

Clearly Jordan has no idea of how SEVERELY compromised babies are when raised on fake milk ( physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually), and is in no position to even begin to talk about infant nutrition, but, as usual, she's given ample media space to spout her uninformed views, thereby influencing countless others who take her word as gospel. If she thinks there's no difference between breast milk and the lifeless and deadly crap which comes in a can, then how many ignorant families will follow this belief? Sadly, far too many.

The tragedy is she wears the undeserved title of celebrity and is seen as a role model by million of girls. But what's there to celebrate? She's completely disconnected from the act and art of mothering. Is this what we want a generation of teenage girls to learn? SERIOUSLY?

First she plans to have her baby cut out of know, it's that old thing of keeping the *honeymoon vagina*, and then she shoves plastic into the baby's mouth…no, not mum's plastic boobs, but a plastic bottle and dummy. Diamond encrusted or otherwise, it takes 450 years for a dummy to decompose. Do you know how many dummies are required for the millions and millions and millions of babies who aren't comforted at mother's breast? The average bottle fed baby has about six bottles, not to mention all the accessories which go with it… In the UK alone, 200 000 babies are born each year who never even taste breast milk. Out of the 400 000 babies breastfed, only half of those will remain on the breast past two weeks of age. That's an awful lot of pollution and waste ending up in landfills. How many more bottle fed babies is Jordan helping to create with her SMA (well paid) campaign?

The infant formula industry is responsible for a lot of the dioxins and toxins in our soil, air and water…the very things now being found in breast milk! And they tell breast feeding women to switch to formula because of toxins in breast milk!!!!??? The mind boggles. Yep, let's get the whole darn world on to formula...that'll fix everything. NOT!

The waste produced, and then dumped, as a result of millions upon millions of babies being fed fake milk is destroying our planet. It's one of the biggest environmental crimes going ~ yet ignored by media and government.

I make no apologies for my rant. The whole thing with Jordan being used to promote infant formula in OK! seems to me to be utterly unethical. She's promoting a way of life that has implications beyond anything she is capable of comprehending. She already has a sick child, so I'm stunned that she isn't doing everything possible to raise this one in an optimal way.

One and a half million babies a year die from fake milk and thousands upon thousands are made ill. Why would anyone with more than two brain cells, or a beating heart, even think of promoting such a deadly substance? Oh, I forgot! Silly me…she was paid for it.

Her littlest one is five weeks old and already Jordan is back out nightclubbing. This is a classic sign that she hasn't bonded with her child ~ clearly seen from choosing to have her baby delivered (like a pizza) rather than born, and choosing to not breastfeed (thereby keeping her heart chakra well and truly closed!). An infant is intensely needy for her mother's arms. All babies are for at least nine months of age.

Studies show that babies who don't breastfeed are more likely to be abandoned by their mother. Jordan abandons her baby by the act of giving her a dummy and going off dancing. But it's ok, isn't it? It's NORMAL in our culture to do this. That's what mums do. It's actively encouraged to be 'free' from your baby and live a 'normal life'.

But I ask, based on all the studies and research into infant care, why hasn't she been charged with child neglect? Sadly, we live in a culture where that's reserved for women who birth unassisted or breastfeed their babies beyond 12 months of age.

Whatever happened to real mothers? They're few and far between.

I'm glad ever so glad Jordan wasn't my mother.

HOT MILK ~ the Australian breastfeeding conference which forgot its purpose...

Today's cuppa: something strong!

The Australian Breastfeeding Association just hosted a national conference. Looking at the literature, it looked like an event no lactivist would want to miss…EXCEPT, I think they forgot the purpose of their goal ~ to promote breastfeeding.

Here's why. In their conference bag was an advert (there was also a trade stand) for a baby timing device. This bleeps you when baby needs to sleep or feed (the feed was indicated by a bottle symbol!??) The ad was repeated in the conference programme. Mothers don't need timing devices! If you are with your baby all the time (which you should be) you'll 'feel' when she's hungry or sleepy. If you are with your baby, as nature designed it to be, you'll be in her electro-magnetic field and aware of everything she's experiencing. This is the 'true' meaning of bonding.

There were ads for Nutricia Caricare Gold (which has been banned in NZ due to safety concerns) with the heading FEED THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEM FROM THE INSIDE OUT



And for dessert they served ice cream by the baby murderers, known to most as Nestle!

Forgive me, but I just don't GET IT! This was meant to be a breastfeeding conference.

Cholesterol drug for men over 50

Today's Cuppa: Olive leaf tea

I couldn't believe it when I heard a news report the other week saying the government want all men over fifty to have a drug to reduce cholesterol. One more way of controlling the masses? You'd better believe it! Can we honestly trust any drug or vaccine? Call me a sceptic, but where there is money to be made… And let's face it, the cholesterol drug is the highest earning drug of all time, so why wouldn't our mates at Downing Street want to make it mandatory?

As someone married to a man over 50, there's no way I'd *LET* him buy into this rubbish! Doctors usually recommend drugs to balance cholesterol. BUT WHY? Nature adequately provides stanols in foods like olive oil, tomatoes, apples and almonds. Tragically, many, many thousands of men will heed this government suggestion/fear-based warning and take the drug. It strikes me as unethical, if not financially greedy, to offer this solution to the masses, rather than educating them about better health.

Cholesterol is a lifestyle dis-ease. Change the lifestyle, don't cover it up with a band-aid like a drug. What's the point? The stresses will only find another route through which to get your attention.

There are three key factors with cholesterol ~ diet, exercise and stress levels. In order to lower cholesterol it's important not to have a lot of animal fat (including butter, cheese and eggs). It's usually found that vegetarians and vegans have lower cholesterol levels ~ providing they're not living of Macdonald's cheese burgers!! If you're serious about reducing cholesterol, cut out all animal products.

Cholesterol is produced mostly by the liver. You can cleanse the liver by drinking nettle and dandelion tea alternatively. A herb tincture of Milk Thistle and/or artichoke is particularly helpful. Use olive oil instead of butter.

Omega 3 oil has been shown to increase HDL cholesterol and protect the heart against heart disease. This is best consumed from algae oil or flaxseed oil ~ studies from King's College, London, show that it is more easily absorbed than fish oil (more ethical too).
*Hemp oil is brilliant. Include it 'raw' in your salad dressings, or have it in a smoothie. Try and include it in your diet at least three times a week. It's simple to use…a few tablespoons mixed with a large spoon of apple cyder vinegar, a spoon of agave syrup or honey, a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard, a crushed garlic clove, and a sprinkling of fresh herbs and you've a great salad dressing!

*Also add high fibre foods such as beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables as they soak up the cholesterol. These should be part of a healthy lifestyle anyway!
*You can also include psyllium hulls, apple fibre and oat bran. If everyone ate a couple of apples a day their whole digestive system would benefit enormously. They act like a vacuum cleaner along the intestinal tract.
* Olive leaf tea is very effective.
* Numerous studies worldwide show that raw garlic is brilliant in lowering cholesterol.
* Red yeast rice has been found to lower cholesterol.

Exercise is vital ~ 45 minutes - 60 minutes daily. This can be brisk walking, rebounding, swimming…anything that gets the heart working.
It's important to find an exercise you love so that you stick with it. I'm always astonished by the number of people who say their lifestyle is too busy to include exercise. We're a long time dead ~ make time to move! If you've got time to watch Big Brother, you've got time to exercise.

Personally, I find my daily 3 mile walk as beneficial to my mind as to my physical health. It's my time out away from everything.

Stress management

There are various ways to balance/reduce stress. Exercise is a great start. Meditation; finding ways to have 'alone' time where nothing matters; going to bed early, a long bath WITHOUT kids alongside!

Sometimes, especially as busy parents, we have to get creative in how we find time and space for ourselves.

Friday, August 03, 2007

The Drinks Are On Me ~ everything your mother never told you about breastfeeding

Today's cuppa: It's got to be fennel tea ~ that wonderfully aromatic aniseed flavoured brew to help increase breast milk. I still drink it even though I'm not lactating. My husband has even started drinking fennel tea despite having an aversion to herbal teas!

It's world Breastfeeding Awareness Week. There's so much to be said about breastfeeding that what else could I do but write a book! So, here's a shameless plug. It's being published in just a few short weeks.

The Drinks Are On Me
Everything your mother never told you about breastfeeding

by Veronika Sophia Robinson

The Drinks Are On Me reclaims and celebrates the ancient art of breastfeeding ~ a natural way of feeding our babies which has allowed humanity to exist for half a million years. The book argues that the increase in physical, emotional and psycho-sexual dysfunction seen throughout western society is in direct proportion to our rapidly decreasing breastfeeding rates. Our healthy existence as a species is dependent on full-term breastfeeding becoming the norm again.

I draw on my rich experiences as a breastfeeding mother ~ a ten year journey which included five years of tandem nursing ~ and explain why breastfeeding is vital for the healthy continuation of the species. Embracing a holistic view, I show how to overcome common, and not so common, breastfeeding challenges, whether they be physical, emotional or cultural.

This book is equally suitable for new and experienced mothers. It’s essential reading for all professionals (doctors, midwives, dentists and health visitors) who influence a mother’s choice to breastfeed or not (and thoroughly referenced lest there be any doubt to the claims made!).
I deliberately take a step outside the usual breastfeeding knowledge to present a new framework in which to view how we nourish and nurture our children.

Publishing September 1st 2007

Art of Change

ISBN 978-0-9530063-4-2



Contents include:

How to breastfeed
Premature babies in NICU & SCBU
Vitamin K and vitamin D
Engorgement, plugged milk ducts & mastitis
Breastfeeding and AIDS
Caesareans and breastfeeding
Tongue Tie ~ short frenulum
Cleft lip/palate
Nursing multiples
Down’s Syndrome
Teething and colic
Men and breastfeeding
Breastfeeding in pregnancy
Breastfeeding a toddler
Breastfeeding in public
A holistic approach to sexuality
Toxins and breast milk
Breastfeeding and the environment/the impact formula feeding has on the air, water and soil
A natural approach to weaning
Nutrients and the human brain
Full-term breastfeeding
Non-nutritive sucking
Women who can’t breastfeed
Sustained breastfeeding for a peaceful society
Adoption and breastfeeding
Reclaiming the sacred feminine

Thoroughly referenced, this book presents uncommon breastfeeding information and debunks many myths in order to help mothers make a truly informed decision about breastfeeding.
Breast milk is our greatest natural food resource and as locally produced as food gets!

PUBLISHER: The Art of Change
For further information, please contact Barry Durdant-Hollamby: OR or phone +44 (0) 1342 823 809
PO Box 441, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH18 5DH England