Tuesday, August 07, 2007

THE GREAT MOTHERING DISCONNECT ~ a sign of our dysfunctional culture

Today's cuppa: Lemon grass and ginger ~ especially for my gorgeous friend Ruth in Cornwall. Happy birthday syster (for August 8th)

OK! magazine and SMA, makers of counterfeit milk, should be utterly ashamed of themselves for such unethical profiteering by using Jordan to promote the use of their fake milk.

I've not seen the photo spread but have had enough emails from concerned mothers to know it features her new baby with a diamond encrusted dummy and very obvious images of SMA products in the pictures. Had Jordan asked her baby what she'd prefer, there's no question the little girl would indicate 'breast'. But the wee little lass never got the chance. You see, Jordan doesn't believe in breastfeeding. She's made it quite clear in the past that breasts are purely for a man's pleasure and not for something as primal as, OMG, breast feeding!

Clearly Jordan has no idea of how SEVERELY compromised babies are when raised on fake milk ( physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually), and is in no position to even begin to talk about infant nutrition, but, as usual, she's given ample media space to spout her uninformed views, thereby influencing countless others who take her word as gospel. If she thinks there's no difference between breast milk and the lifeless and deadly crap which comes in a can, then how many ignorant families will follow this belief? Sadly, far too many.

The tragedy is she wears the undeserved title of celebrity and is seen as a role model by million of girls. But what's there to celebrate? She's completely disconnected from the act and art of mothering. Is this what we want a generation of teenage girls to learn? SERIOUSLY?

First she plans to have her baby cut out of her...you know, it's that old thing of keeping the *honeymoon vagina*, and then she shoves plastic into the baby's mouth…no, not mum's plastic boobs, but a plastic bottle and dummy. Diamond encrusted or otherwise, it takes 450 years for a dummy to decompose. Do you know how many dummies are required for the millions and millions and millions of babies who aren't comforted at mother's breast? The average bottle fed baby has about six bottles, not to mention all the accessories which go with it… In the UK alone, 200 000 babies are born each year who never even taste breast milk. Out of the 400 000 babies breastfed, only half of those will remain on the breast past two weeks of age. That's an awful lot of pollution and waste ending up in landfills. How many more bottle fed babies is Jordan helping to create with her SMA (well paid) campaign?

The infant formula industry is responsible for a lot of the dioxins and toxins in our soil, air and water…the very things now being found in breast milk! And they tell breast feeding women to switch to formula because of toxins in breast milk!!!!??? The mind boggles. Yep, let's get the whole darn world on to formula...that'll fix everything. NOT!

The waste produced, and then dumped, as a result of millions upon millions of babies being fed fake milk is destroying our planet. It's one of the biggest environmental crimes going ~ yet ignored by media and government.

I make no apologies for my rant. The whole thing with Jordan being used to promote infant formula in OK! seems to me to be utterly unethical. She's promoting a way of life that has implications beyond anything she is capable of comprehending. She already has a sick child, so I'm stunned that she isn't doing everything possible to raise this one in an optimal way.

One and a half million babies a year die from fake milk and thousands upon thousands are made ill. Why would anyone with more than two brain cells, or a beating heart, even think of promoting such a deadly substance? Oh, I forgot! Silly me…she was paid for it.

Her littlest one is five weeks old and already Jordan is back out nightclubbing. This is a classic sign that she hasn't bonded with her child ~ clearly seen from choosing to have her baby delivered (like a pizza) rather than born, and choosing to not breastfeed (thereby keeping her heart chakra well and truly closed!). An infant is intensely needy for her mother's arms. All babies are for at least nine months of age.

Studies show that babies who don't breastfeed are more likely to be abandoned by their mother. Jordan abandons her baby by the act of giving her a dummy and going off dancing. But it's ok, isn't it? It's NORMAL in our culture to do this. That's what mums do. It's actively encouraged to be 'free' from your baby and live a 'normal life'.

But I ask, based on all the studies and research into infant care, why hasn't she been charged with child neglect? Sadly, we live in a culture where that's reserved for women who birth unassisted or breastfeed their babies beyond 12 months of age.

Whatever happened to real mothers? They're few and far between.

I'm glad ever so glad Jordan wasn't my mother.


Harmonious Living said...

x ruth

Sarah Horrigan said...

I so love your blog! You have such an amazing way of expressing the thoughts that I'm sure many of us feel, but daren't say in today's un-natural parenting world. Only this weekend I was told I was a weirdo for 'still' breastfeeding my little boy at 18 months (they don't know my daughter's not weaned and she's just turned four!). It gets so tiring being the one in the 'wrong' when all you've done is listen to the instincts that are alive inside you and not crushed by marketing twaddle from companies like SMA etc.

Laura McIntyre said...

Im a fan of Katie Price normally but it angers me the way she is acting. I never get the whole obsession with leaving your children, why would i want to be away from my girls?

Antje said...

Thank God... please send a copy of what you have written to OK magazine. I was almost sick when I read the article. The woman doesn't deserve to be a mother.. and she ceratinly doesn't deserve the title of "Celebrity Mother of the Year". Her idiot husband is equally bad.. his comment "Junior wasn't breastfed and he turned out ok" made me want to bang their stupid heads together.

Antje said...

Thank God. I read the whole article in OK! and was appalled by that brainless idiot and her husband. I feel sorry for her children and I wish you would send a copy of your blog to OK!. Surely they need to give air-time to the other side of the arguement. She doesn't deserve to have children. She certainly doesn't desewrve to be celebrity mother of the year. The other one who gets my back right up is Kerry Katona. I can't imagine she breastfed either can you?
What is wrong with this society??

savvy said...

Yes Yes Yes!!!! I agree with you wholeheartedly.

I have a niece three weeks old delivered by c-section. She has never tasted mothers milk. Hubby's family thinks this is all wonderful for his sister b/c as a new mum she needs rest and the child is being cared for by everyone but her.

My heart is breaking for this gorgeous child who is suffering. My husband is advocating for the child every day and I pray that we will have the patience and strength to stay united and love this young family from ignorance to health.

-Sharon from Canada

Anonymous said...

I am 5 weeks preg w baby number 2 [first baby still bf at 22 months]. Husband is one of 6 kids, none were bf full term, only one was bf few weeks. He feels he can't bond w baby unless he feeds them. He asks me to wean dd but I can't. I am worried bc he wants to use crap milk along with bf next time. He is convinced that if something is proven to b harmful/deadly, th government will ban its use. He is so wrong. Keep preaching, V.

shukr said...

In her defense, she herself is but a product of a trend and societal attitude. Nobody is mothering *her* to help her take care of her baby and embrace this phase in her life.

We can be grateful for the moments we have with our own children - and how powerful that is as a vehicle for change.

Not to say we shouldn't raise the issues, just to remember to remain grounded ourselves.

I never heard of Kerry Katona but she, too, is perhaps adrift in a sea of artificial milk advertising and a world devoid of spirituality. Having compassion for others is to have it for ourselves.

Jennifer said...

I live in the US and I had heard nothing of Katie Price even being pregnant again. somehow it doesn't surprise me at all that she is anti-breastfeeding. she seems a bit self centered to do something as wonderful as breastfeeding for even her own children.

I heard that advertising formula (fake milk) is against the law in the UK? here it isn't and all of the baby reality shows are plastered with ads for it. saying how wonderful it is with "easy to digest comfort proteins" and how it is the best thing for your baby. in small print on the bottom of the screen they have to put "breastmilk is best. ask your doctor."

Holly_Ocean said...

Well Done Veronica
Love Holly