Thursday, August 30, 2007

Measles and MMR jabs

The government has enlisted the media for their annual scaremongering campaign to get ill-informed parents to vaccinate. The reports are always so biased and ONE SIDED.

I'm ever so grateful that I can't be scared, bullied or intimidated into assaulting my girls' immune systems. There is no amount of money on this planet that would ever have me putting such poison into my children's bodies.

My decision to not vaccinate has always been intuitive. Yet the research I've done in the years since has left me gobsmacked by the complete veil draped across the eyes of unsuspecting parents. I'm left stunned by the inability of doctors to think for themselves. My sister sold childhood vaccines to doctors. I witnessed, first hand, an awful lot of bribery and corruption, otherwise known as 'gift incentives'. The more vaccines a doctor gives, the more s/he earns. In Australia, they even go as far as PAYING parents to vaccinate their children! Criminal, at best.

I was unvaccinated as a child. Apparently, according to the BBC news tonight, all people aged 40 and over have had measles in childhood. Er, wrong. I only had mumps. A few years back I had chickenpox.

The sheeple (people who act like sheep and don't think for themselves) will continue to vaccinate their children in the mistaken belief that the concoction of chemicals and poisons will 'immunise' them against killer diseases.

Let's clarify a few things.

Measles is not a killer disease. Children who die from measles are those who are medically 'mismanaged' during the natural course of the disease. That is, they've had their fever suppressed. Next time you hear a doctor ranting on about "I've seen a child die from measles!!" ask him to produce their immunisation record and give details on how the child was treated. That is where the answer will lie, NOT whether or not they'd been vaccinated.

You wouldn't drink a vaccine, so why on earth inject it? The first line of defence against infectious diseases is a layer of bacteria on our skin and mucus membranes. The second line is the skin and the mucus membranes themselves. Any disease that gets past these defences is branded by Immunoglobulin A. This then sets up a chain which allows Immunoglobulin G to come along and get rid of the disease. If you are healthy, NOTHING can penetrate your body. It is WRONG to bypass the skin barrier by injection.

If you do get an infection, you'll get a fever. The medical profession have ingrained parents to be scared of fevers. This is unfortunate because fevers fight the infection. A healthy body will not create a fever high enough to cause brain damage. Vomiting is a natural response to eliminating toxins.

I grew up in Australia, where sugar cane is grown. Before the canes are harvested, the fields are burnt. This is specifically to get rid of all the 'vermin' ~ snakes, toads, etc., before harvesting. A fever is the body's way of burning off the vermin!

If your child can't protect herself from infectious diseases under normal circumstances, then she is at great risk from vaccination. Vaccination doesn't give life long immunity, catching the childhood disease NATURALLY does.

Vaccination causes the body to draw calcium from itself to attach to the invading chemicals so it can neutralise the vaccine. We absolutely NEED calcium for our nervous system and muscle function. You aren't in your child's body so you have no way of knowing, or experiencing, the impact of the vaccine. Severe calcium deficiency may not be visible to you, as a parent, for many years by which time it will be far too late to rectify.

Parents are encouraged to be reassured by the government that studies prove vaccines to be safe. If this was so, then why don't they tell parents that these studies are funded by vaccine manufacturers!!?

Vaccination is a multi-billion pound industry. Of course they want us to vaccinate! And the only way they can do it is by instilling fear. Why don't they parade the thousands upon thousands of vaccine damaged (and dead) children alongside their campaigns? Surely that would be more honest?

A parent is the only barrier between a vaccine manufacturer murdering or physically damaging their child. A parent is responsible for their child's health, NOT the government. Do you really think your child will grow and up thank you for poisoning them?

Media energy around vaccination is a major act of bullying. It's not acceptable in the playground, so why do we allow it in the area of children's health?

We're told that vaccination programmes eliminate diseases. There is NO proof of this in any country of the world. All childhood diseases are cyclical and this has nothing whatsoever to do with vaccines or their efficacy.

Many of the adverse reactions to disease fall outside the Government's allotted time frame and they refuse to record them, thereby giving inaccurate outcomes. The vast majority of vaccine-damaged children don't get reported by the doctors.

In the USA thousands and thousands of parents are sueing for vaccine damage to their children, yet vaccinations continue. Are humans stupid, or what?

It's only when you decide to explore and research vaccinations (and please don't call them immunisations, because they don't immunise) that you see how skewed the studies are; how the biggest outbreaks occur in the most heavily vaccinated areas!

If you are one of those people who believe in the theory of herd immunity, I can't recommend highly enough the article we had recently in The Mother. Common sense would tell you that if a vaccine protects from disease, then an unvaccinated child is INCAPABLE of spreading disease.

Vaccinations are a frightening area to dip your toes into for the sole reason that the sheeple have been led to believe vaccinations are sacred and life saving. When you see the truth for yourself, read the research, see the facts, all you can do is hang your head in shock, shame and anger at the deliberate misinformation. The vaccines are far more dangerous than any childhood illness.

I, for one, am happy that my children will act as 'guinea pigs' showing what excellent health really looks like.

We build up our children's immune systems primarily by raising them in a space of love. If they feel good about themselves, rather than belittled, shamed or constantly threatened, they grow like weeds ~ strong, healthy, unstoppable.

Sustained breastfeeding is a lifelong investment, one that is sadly not recognised or endorsed in western countries. It's the only TRUE immuniser. Formula is dead, static and synthetic. It does not, and can not, build your child's immune system. It can not track the environment for pathogens to protect the child like a mother's body does. Her body is constantly scanning the environment in order to provide 'immunisation' in her milk.

Children need to eat fresh, raw fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts on a daily basis. The government's 'five a day' is only half of what the body should have. I shake my head in disgust when I see adverts for things like baked beans or fruit cordial saying, 'counts towards your five a day'. IT DOESN'T!!! Your body needs fresh, that is, uncooked, unfrozen, untinned!!!, fruit and vegetables.

Children must have plenty of rest and sleep. Our 24/7 entertainment society has insidiously crept into children's lives too, with the vast majority of western kids glued to televisual stimulus of some sort. Electromagnetic radiation from mobiles, computers, tvs, wifi…all add to the soup of ill-health. Think twice before you buy into the idea that your children need all these things to be part of society.

All humans need clean, pure, living water. Is your child drinking 6 - 8 glasses of water a day and eating plenty of water-rich food?

If you're concerned about your child getting measles, make them a fresh carrot juice every day (not shop bought juice as it is pasteurised, thereby killing the enzymes) to boost their vitamin a levels. Children who get measles have been found to have low levels of vitamin a.

If your child gets measles, don't panic if there is a fever. The body knows what it is doing. Each degree rise in temperature DOUBLES the rate and production of leucocytes. Nature knows what she is doing. Avoid antibiotics as they stop the immune system functioning optimally and strip the gut of vitamin k. Convulsions are not due to high temperature but from the rapid rise in temperature.

According to the World Health Organisation vaccinated people are FOURTEEN times more likely to contract measles that those who haven't been vaccinated.

Vaccinations are social violence against our children.

Vaccine ingredients ~ would you drink this?

Formaldehyde, mercury or #6 pheno-oxyethanol
Paint thinner
Sulfite and phosphate compounds
Polysorbate 80/20
Amphotericin b and other chemicals
Hydrolozed gelatine
Dead animal tissue and blood (eg cow, chick, human embryo (from aborted babies), monkey, sheep, pig, dog, etc)
Mutated human viruses
Contaminant animal viruses
(eg SV40 which causes cancer in humans)
Bacteria and bacterial endotoxins
Yeast and animal bacterial and viral DNA (which can be incorporated into the recipient's DNA)

For the side effects of formaldehyde and mercury, contact the poisons centre for a complete list.

No self respecting vegan or vegetarian would choose vaccination.

I know many parents feel the decision whether to vaccinate or not is a tough decision. I don’t see why that would be so. You either believe a poison is going to make you strong and healthy, or you don't. Trust your gut, not the government. The answers are within you. Don't be drawn into system out of fear.

If you're new to the idea that you actually have a choice regarding the vaccination of your children, and would like more information please contact the Vaccination Awareness Network. (contact details are on The Mother magazine website It's run by one of The Mother magazine's columnists ~ Joanna Karpasea Jones. She writes a regular column for us on vaccination awareness. In issue 24 (posted out to subscribers next week) she shares how vaccination programmes are being used universally to 'control' population growth. It's quite something, isn't it, to think our daughters may be DELIBERATELY rendered infertile through 'every day' vaccinations!?

In issue 25, due out early November, Joanna has a column questioning MMR.

I don't know of any other natural parenting magazines that are 100% opposed to vaccinations. All the ones I come across, sit on the fence for fear of offending someone (that old chestnut!). These are our children we're talking about! There's no time or reason to be offended. The truth must come out. Parents must be fully informed.


Mary said...

Veronika- I am so glad you posted about this new spate of fear-mongering. Sheeple! I love that!!! My kids are not vaccinated and even I felt a twinge of fear when reading the 'new stats' about measles..but then ~I returned to my senses.
My health visitor even phoned last week to check-in on us as my daughter is now 19 months and I don't bring her in for any regular check-ups... am I a careless mum? I just don't believe in seeing a doctor unless I am absolutely dead sick! And as my kids have been healthy I see no reason. I intend on trusting myself and my intuition rather than handing over all control to someone who doesn't even know my kids.

But the fear mongering is all-pervasive and I just found myself in a heated discussion (unwittingly) the other day about this new cervical cancer vaccine for young girls.. I was shocked at how easily the mums in question had accepted it as gospel. They asked me how could I not want to protect my daughter?? Well she's just a babe and I never considered it, and hence haven't studied the issue, but it sounds like every other vaccine, with all the same drawbacks. I am protecting my children, as you said, from poison, from multi-national corporations with no soul, from ill-thought out experiments and sheeple thinking!!

caring said...

you must thank god for people like us who do get our children immunised, so that it lessens the risk of yours getting sick. God, help those children of yours should they ever become very ill.
unfortunatley carrot juice (no matter how fresh) does not cure meningitis or some of the other terrible diseases that kill our children.
rememeber you are not an expert or a doctor, just a mum with very strong views.
Good luck with the health of your children..

Veronika said...

"Caring" ~ you clearly have absolutely NO understanding of vaccinations or natural immunity... it's plainly obvious from your post. You might prefer to go and read the blogs of people who do BELIEVE in vaccination.

I thank God for my health and well-being and that of my family...but thanking God for people immunising their kids so mine won't get ill? You've really bought into the government propaganda, I'm afraid.

Herd immunity is an absolute myth. Do this research, Caring, and see for yourself before condemning my blog.

I never said carrot juice cured meningitis. What I said was that the kids with measles have had low vitamin a. Carrots have beta carotene which converts to vit. a in the body. Perhaps if you'd read it properly you'd have picked up what was being communicated...rather than putting two and two together and coming up with six.

My children are robustly healthy and precisely because I am a mum with 'strong views' who chooses not to go anywhere near a doctor.

I am the expert of their health, as they are the experts of their own bodies.

Thank you so much for your good wishes.

I'm sorry, however, that you feel so threatened by another mother's empowerment in a world that encourages compliance to a blind belief in faulty medicine.

Veronika said...

hi Mary

Reports coming out of the USA on adverse reactions to the cervical cancer vaccine are showing young girls dying from it and suffering all sorts of side effects. Of course, they try and keep it out of the mainstream media.
Not pretty at all. Will that stop the government giving the vaccine? Not likely.

You might remember the case of the solicitor Sally Clark who was jailed for murdering her two infants. What they didn't allow in court was the fact that the second son had been vaccinated just FIVE hours before he died. Why didn't they allow it in court???? Because it would have caused mass panic in the general population..

So they sent her to jail instead.

if anyone has doubts about vaccine safety, start reading and research it. The information exists!!!! There is no excuse for ignorance any more.

Viera Scheibner has done some incredible research into it...examples of mums jailed for shaken baby syndrome..when in fact the baby died from vaccine poisoning!

Of course there'll always exist the vaccine fans like "Caring" who can't see the truth due to all the government spin. People who believe in vaccines, NEED to have them because their fear is so great. The tragedy is that it is their children who suffer, not them.


Janeen said...

Hi, I found your blog through a link regarding one of your entries, the one on breastfeeding. It caused QUITE the stir in the groups where this article was posted with the formula feeding mommies of course up in arms.

We do not vaccinate. My husband had decided not to vaccinate at all while I was sort of on the fence. At times I still have my concerns, especially in regards to tetanus (and my mom keeps at me about polio because she was a child during the whole polio scare) but reading entries such as yours about vaccinations help a lot. I just read your comments about how women have been arrested due to child deaths that were probably caused by vaccines and would be very interested in more links to this.

I know I'm a long way from being a mom who entirely child and environmentally friendly but I'd like to think that my daughter has had a little better raising thus far from me than I had from my own mother seeing as I was formula fed and not even taken care of by my mother but my grandmother who died when I was only two.

Anyway, thank you for such informative entries. I have now saved you in my bookmarks and plan to put the link to your blog in at least one of mine.

Jackie said...

Veronika. Thank you for your timely blog. My son is 10 months - just coming up to mmr and men c time. Although he had his early vaccinations I have since been researching the issue - and you are right - the information out there is overwhelming. We had decided not to vaccinate, after appraising and discussing the research (btw, my husband is a doctor, and I am a former nurse), but I was quite disturbed by the BBC's presentation of the mmr story. Like Mary i felt a bit wobbly about my decision. The media in this country, however has for several years been a mouthpiece for the government on all sorts of issues, relying on peoples' inability to look further than their noses. Your information on poor Sally Clarke is so important, but we were denied the knowledge to protect others' interests. thank you for all you do.

Veronika said...

Shaken Baby syndrome
For more info on shaken baby syndrome being used to cover up vaccine damage go to and read Viera Scheibner's article and you'll find refs and contact details for more info.

Yenekale said...

I can follow your reasoning about bolstering the body's natural immune system with full term breast feeding,healthy diet, plenty of sleep etc but unfortunately a large part of the population are not doing this. I was appalled to hear on the radio yesterday that Jamie Oliver's healthy school meals campaign has resulted in a drop of 20% of children taking school meals! While you have parents insisting on feeding their children junk food, having TVs'in the bedroom etc etc, I think there is little chance of a vast change in the Nation's habits.If they are not going to make the effort naturally then vaccination is important. Vaccination has eradicated small pox.You are probably too young but when I was a child polio was a real fear and you always came across children in callipers, with a life long disability. Luckily when my community had an outbreak I was already off school with measles. I was lucky but measles had nasty side effects, one being blindness. I also had whooping cough mildly having been vaccinated but my youngest brother was a baby and had not had the vaccination so he had it pretty badly.
I read a lot and am very fond of nineteenth century novels. Illnesses always seemed to result in a fever, as you say, but there came a crisis point where it burned itself out or the patient DIED. I am researching my family history and cases of infant mortality are quite shocking.
My youngest son was very ill at the age of 6 and had a week in hospital, much as I hated him being pumped with antibiotics, I am so grateful that they were available and he is still alive.Children are in the community and can't always ward infections off with natural means.
It is not an easy decision to get your precious child immunised and I am glad that I have done it and am not having to make the decision again but I am quite happy to be a 'sheeple'. (a lovely word!)
I know that nothing that I say will change your mind and you most probably won't print my comment but I just wanted to agree with caring's opinion, that the fact that most people get immunised lessens the risk to all children.
I know many healthy people who have succumbed to illness, meningitis springs to mind.
Would you visit a third world country without getting immunised for typhoid etc? What happens if your child got a dirty cut-would you refuse them a tetanus injection? Would you leave it to nature if they were bitten by a rabid dog?
I have 2 brothers and both would be dead without modern medicine,so I am very thankful for it.

mighty acorns said...

I am so impressed that you have published the views from the 'other side' Veronika. This alone shows your tolerance to others, even if you don't share their views. I have chosen not to Vacc my son,however I feel yenekale makes an interesting point about how the general population is raising their children. I am not convinced that vacc'ing is the answer necessarily, but it is certainly true that the vast majority of parents think little about the bigger picutre and 'alternative solutions' when feeding their children in particular. seems the message about 'you are what you eat' just isn't getting through. do these people seriously believe that turkey twizzlers are ok!?!?! unbelievable. I have just helped at my daughters preschool to get a healthy food policy, boy what a drama, but we got there in the's a start.

tippitappi said...

I'm a the mother of a wonderful 14 months old boy living in Italy. My baby was not vaccinated. I was lucky enough to stumble on just before my baby was born. And I decided my baby wasn't going to have that.
Clear, intelligent and sensible writing. I will come back here very often!

Shayne Hope said...


My dad had Polio, spent 3 years in an ironlung, learning to walk again. Did not get to go to high School. He was lucky - the only one in his ward to survive. Now at 59 he struggles to get out of bed, can hardly walk, breath etc.

My sister caught measles at the age 18 months, had the high temp and convulsed. As a result had to learn to walk again and now has brain damage. At the age of 30, she lives with my ageing parents and does not really understand much about her surroundings.

Veronika, I can understand your strong views, but what do you say to the above?

Both my children would not be here if it was not for fertility treatment. I tried natural fertility treatments for 7 years.

I am all for fresh fruit and vegies and I make sure my kids eat raw and steamed vegies every day as well as seeds and nuts and i totally support you views on this.

Hope my comment makes it onto your blog.

Alison said...

Hello. This is a somewhat unrelated comment.. I am 10 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 (baby number 1 is my 23 month old daughter). I am preparing to leave my abusive husband. He has become more aggressive to me and dd during my pregnancy, and I won't subject my babies to that life anymore. I am stepping into the unknown realm of single momhood, and I need all the prayers and support I can muster. My family are all in the US, so I need to get us out of the UK ASAP. I'd appreciate your thoughts ans prayers at this time. I need divine wisdom and strength to do what is best for all concerned, and to get past any red tape on either side of the border. Thank you Veronika for the part you've played in helping me start to (re)discover myself.. In many areas you and I have diametrically opposing worldviews, but I still find a lot of sense in what you say and how you live. Thanks for everything. Let's press on and fight the good fight, each in our own way. -Alison, Olivia and baby bump

Nikki said...

I have a very healthy 3 year old never been vaccinated. There is so much out there to read especially good is "Are Vaccines Safe and Effective" by Neil Z Miller. I defy anyone to vaccinate after reading these facts and intense research!

As for tetanus, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get if the wound is cleaned and aired. Your body has processes to go through to ensure this and IF all those fail and the wound is covered all the time - THEN you may get tetanus. Pharmacist Trevor Gunn told me this in his lectures. Very interesting.

I wish more people wouldn't vaccinate so we could have healthier children instead of the constant mucus and coughs that parents seem to think is normal for them. It's not.

Wendy said...

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you Veronika for speaking out against the powers that be who have taken away mothers' belief in their own instincts on how to raise their children. That is such a fantastic and apt word that you used, "sheople". I feel like shaking people sometimes when they just blindly follow the majority. I don't know where my distrust of all things conventional came from but I'm glad that I have it. I have chosen not to have my ten month old daughter vaccinated and she is a picture of health. This may be due to the "extended" breastfeeding as well. I am already getting funny looks when I tell people she is still breastfeeding. I can't imagine their faces when she is still going a couple of years down the line. I eagerly await the arrival of your magazine every couple of months, wish it were monthly. It always arrives just at the right time, whenever I am doubting myself and getting worn down by the baby trainers. Keep up the great work that you do. Wendy

Yenekale said...

I am following this debate with interest. I know that it is the most difficult decision that you have to make when your children are babies and of course no one wants to pump their small bodies with poisons.
I have tried to read up on some of the people quoted here. What I would like to know (this is a genuine question and not rhetorical)is whether history can be discounted?
Having looked it up, infectious diseases accounted for just over 50% of deaths in the early part of the 20th Century. In the 1940's 50,000 people a year caught diphtheria and it was a leading cause of death until immunisation was introduced in 1941. In 1940 there were 46,281 reported cases with 2480 deaths.In 1957 there were 37 cases and 6 deaths.Tuberculosis killed around 80,000 people in 1880 and in 1997 it killed 440. Every big town had an isolation hospital and children were separated from their families. Obviously some of this can be put down to improved living conditions but mass immunisation must account for the rest-or can someone give me another theory?
The other thing that troubles me, and perhaps someone can give a theory on this,is that thousands of native American Indians, South American tribes etc died from catching measles from Europeans. They would have been existing on a healthy diet and lifestyle and breast feeding their babies full term. I have always understood that their immune systems couldn't fight it because it was a new disease to them. This will be the case for children in this country who have not been immunised.
I am prepared to believe that Nikki could be correct with her remark about tetanus but I wouldn't be prepared to risk it to find out. When my son was very ill aged 6, and on oxygen in a hospital bed, he may well have pulled through if nature had taken it's course but again I was not prepared to risk it.( He had a healthy diet and was breast fed until he weaned himself but his immune system wasn't coping).
I am not seeking to change anyone's mind, people should be perfectly free to make up their own minds and not be coerced in any way but equally I should not be shaken! I didn't blindly follow the majority-I had sleepless nights worrying about it as I would imagine most parents do.
Sheeple is a good word-it is a herd thing-if 95% of children are immunised against measles then all children are protected.
The world needs sheep as well as goats!!

Yenekale said...

I am disappointed that it looks as if you are not going to answer my question. I would love to go along with your no need for vaccinations view, no one wants to have all those ingredients in their body. However, I am not a 'sheeple' and need more information to convince me. My main reason for being pro vaccinations is the history of infectious diseases and death rates pre vaccination, especially the dramatic fall when they were first introduced. Unless that can be satisfactorily explained I will have to stay firmly on the side of current main stream medical thinking.
I have not got a closed mind and I am not being difficult, I would genuinely like an explanation for discounting the statistics.
I apologise if you didn't actually get my message,sent a few days ago.

Veronika said...

Yenekale, and others...a full length reply to your questions and queries will appear on this blog shortly. You are not being hard drive died..which has put my work behind schedule. I've almost caught up and will tend to your questions.

Cynthia said...

miss*R said...

you know, I wasn't going to comment on this as I don't really know alot about what you all the pros and cons of vaccination .. and my children are grown up. They were all vaccinated, as that was the 'done thing' back in the 70's and 80's and I don't know what I would do now if I was a mother in these times.
However - I have had cervical cancer and radiation treatment for it.. which is the most barbaric treatment anyone could go through (look up brachytherapy and you will see)... so when the cervical cancer vaccine was created, my youngest daughter was given the vaccine.. and I am quite ok with it.. HP virus that causes it is an aggressive virus, my cancer went from pre cancer to stage one in 2 mths.. so if this vaccine can prevent one girl from having the treatment that I had to go through and still suffer side effects from.. then I think it is a good thing.

Abigayle said...

I am mum of five, but have been involved in raising 8 children so far in my life (my ex's kids). I am also a student of Homeopathy and have just finished my first year of a Bsc in Homeopathy.
I grew up in The middle East and was vaccinated a lot, i remember developing a strange rash on my ankles after one lot of jabs that took years to disappear. Luckily for me the docs didn't know what it was,so no creams were prescribed a it took 10 years of itchiness before it disappeared. Then at 14 i had repeated attacks of strep throat, these were constant and severe...this led to my kidneys bleeding (like a pint of guiness) they were so full of blood. My notes were taken to a national conference on kidney disease...No doc could put a name to it...It was decided that it was an AUTO IMMUNE disease. I refused their anti -biotics as i felt fine, the only symptom was bloody urine. At this tender age my intuition made the connection that this could have something to do with all the jabs.

When pregnant with my first child at 20 i was scare mongered into getting my son jabbed, but my whole intuition screamed NO...I took him and cried (as did he) for hours...THAT WAS THE ONLY JAB HE HAD.
My other four children have not been jabbed either. Childhood illnesses include: My eldest boy at 2 got an A typical form of T,B in his neck which looked like mumps, the allopaths answer was to cut it out the infected tissue LYMPH NODES as no drugs would work....I did some research into lymph nodes, there was no way i would let them do that to my boy...Someone mentioned Homeopathy: i had never heard of it. So three weeks before his date with the surgeon i took him to see one, it was at this point I was draining my son's wound of T.B infected pus twice a day, then packing the wound with seaweed. Two weeks into the treatment there was no more pus, three weeks passed and all that remained was a little pink scar, the surgeon was shocked and impressed i quote " emmm maybe the homeopathy helped, but more likely your son has very strong immune system," He is now 13 and has barely had more than a cold.
My next child has had measles (very mild) and whooping cough....that was scary, she had it bad, with going blue episodes, the doc did not believe me as she was so well she has these spasms of coughing every 48-72 hours, there was no cough or snot in-between. I stuck to my guns and used homepathy again to help it pass quicker, and safely as again there was nothing the allopaths could do. It lasted about seven weeks.She is now 10 and suffered no further illness of ANY kind. It is interesting to note there were six children in that household, a baby of 4 months, two 5 year olds, 6 year old, and a nine year old with asthma (managed by homeopathy). Only the 2 year old got it. The other children in the village who were vaccinated got a "chest infection" that was not responding to anti- biotics, They were ill with the cough for angry mother was told that the reason her son was not getting better was because my child had spread whooping cough due to not being vaccinated, luckily for me this mother told me and was appalled, by the contradiction.We bith made formal complaints against this doctor. This proves that vaccination is a complete waste of time, that children get ill according to their susceptibility not whether or not they have been vaccinated. All of my children are very healthy and we have had no more of the big childhood diseases to date. I am not scared of them, i do not suppress fevers, i work with the body supporting it not suppressing it.

Jeroen Buis said...

Hi Yenekale, diptheria was on the decline long before vaccination was introduced because of improved sanitation and diet:

It came back in the second world war because of many wounded soldiers with open wounds in the fields and improvised and overcrowded hospitals.

After the war it disappeared again. Not because of vaccination but because the sick got better or died and all went back to a normal situation with further improving (expanded) sanitation.