Friday, August 24, 2007

Girl Gangs

Today's cuppa: Elderberry Tea

There was talk in the media this week of a rise in girl gangs. I thought I'd share about the Girl Gang in our village.

It consists of my two daughters and a friend who lives a few houses away. They chant 'girl pack club' and make notices for the bus shelter saying "dog walkers available ~ dogs must be little and not aggressive! £1.50 per dog."

They hatch plans to do all sorts of things, but mostly they get out their rollerblades (found in the animal rescue shop for £2 a pair!), play in their club house (a space under the pine trees, covered with some corrugated iron, making it suitable even in a wet British summer!). The girls in the gang have a busy life foraging for fruit, having a sleep over, playing dolls, making decorative mud pies, riding bikes.

One of the main things I've noticed with this gang is that they laugh and laugh and laugh! Music to this mother's ears…

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Verity said...

see thats what a girl gang should be like.