Tuesday, August 07, 2007

HOT MILK ~ the Australian breastfeeding conference which forgot its purpose...

Today's cuppa: something strong!

The Australian Breastfeeding Association just hosted a national conference. Looking at the literature, it looked like an event no lactivist would want to miss…EXCEPT, I think they forgot the purpose of their goal ~ to promote breastfeeding.

Here's why. In their conference bag was an advert (there was also a trade stand) for a baby timing device. This bleeps you when baby needs to sleep or feed (the feed was indicated by a bottle symbol!??) The ad was repeated in the conference programme. Mothers don't need timing devices! If you are with your baby all the time (which you should be) you'll 'feel' when she's hungry or sleepy. If you are with your baby, as nature designed it to be, you'll be in her electro-magnetic field and aware of everything she's experiencing. This is the 'true' meaning of bonding.

There were ads for Nutricia Caricare Gold (which has been banned in NZ due to safety concerns) with the heading FEED THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEM FROM THE INSIDE OUT



And for dessert they served ice cream by the baby murderers, known to most as Nestle!

Forgive me, but I just don't GET IT! This was meant to be a breastfeeding conference.

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Anonymous said...

Mmmh... sounds like the needed some kind of sponsors.. ^^; But I agree with you, it's a big paradox and nonsense -_-