Friday, June 27, 2008

Since when does artificial milk contain love????????

A reader kindly posted this link in the comments section.

If you find it as distasteful, unethical and downright wrong as I do, please write to MSN and the milk company! How dare they even suggest there is love in artificial/counterfeit factory produced gunk! AND to have it on a page about optimal nutrition for breastfeeding!

No baby in the world would choose that stuff over their mother's own warm, liquid love.

The world REALLY has gone bonkers!

The Tyra Banks Show ~ full term breastfeeding

American readers of this blog might like to know I'm appearing on The Tyra Banks Show ~ July 3rd in relation to full-term breastfeeding...which will then syndicated around the world. Hold your breath, she's no Oprah!

Calling All Lactivists

The Downing Street Petition:

The breastfeeding petition has now reached over 3,500 signatures in just a week. It is now in the top 10 petitions in their health section (out of over 600) and in the top 50 of ALL petitions (out of over 6,000).

Please keep spreading the word - UK wide breastfeeding 'picnics' are being planned for mid July to help raise the profile of this vital topic.

The Mother magazine invites you and your family to:
The Great British Lactivists’ Rally at Parliament Square

When: Friday, July 18th 2008

Time: 11.45am: gathering/picnic; 12.30pm: rally speeches; 1pm: presentation of letter/petition to Harriet Harman.

Where: Parliament Square

Why: For a peaceful demonstration about the Equality law (which discriminates against babies over the age of six months from breastfeeding in public).

Breastfeeding is necessary for the health and well-being (physically, emotionally and psychologically) of all babies and children, not just those under six months of age. No breastfed child should be ‘hidden away’.

What to bring: BYO blankets, food and drinks, hats ~whatever you and your family need to be comfortable for a couple of hours!

What else?: This event is for all people concerned with the health, well-being and rights of all breastfed babies and children, as well as their parents; anyone concerned with basic human rights! Come and listen to a couple of speeches on breastfeeding, as well as meeting other families passionate about this cause.

Nearest tubes and trains:
Westminster & St James's Park

Worth knowing: Breastfeeding supporters will be peacefully demonstrating outside the British Embassies in Australia on the same date.

There will be Breastfeeding Gatherings/Picnics nationwide, including Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Please don’t travel to London if you feel it will cause distress or discomfort to you and your family in any way. As much as we really want to highlight the cause, we don’t want to do so if it means babies and children (and parents!) are compromised.

If you want to organise a gathering/picnic in your city, town or village, and need some help or advice regarding letting your MP and local media know about it, contact the helpful team at The Art of Change.

If your child’s school hasn’t broken up on the 18th, and s/he wishes to attend the picnic, you could consider it ‘real life’ Citizenship Education.

My family and I will be at the London gathering. If you’re planning to come along, please say hello! Afterwards, those who wish to, can gather at Victoria Tower Gardens behind parliament square to continue socialising with new and old friends.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You wonderful people!

It's been just one week since I set up the e-petition on the Downing Street website regarding the ironically named Equality law. We've already got 2858 signatures in this time. It's the 8th most supported petition on their health section. I'm humbled and deeply moved by how many people are speaking up about this! Well done.

I expect to give details of the Great British Lactivists' Picnic in late August where we'll, er, picnic!! and have a rally, then march to Downing St.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Breastfeeding Awareness petition to Downing street June 2008

Breastfeeding supporters, speak now about the new Equalities Law. You can petition by clicking on this link. An email will then be sent to your inbox which you will have to 'click'. It is so VERY easy to do. I urge you, if you really care about the rights of babies and children, to take 30 seconds to add your voice.

My breastfeeding years are over. My girls have had EVERYTHING they needed from breastfeeding. I've done this petition for YOUR children and your grandchildren, etc. Take action. Every extra voice truly does make a difference.

With love

~ Veronika

Legislation against love ~ the new INequalities law of breastfeeding in public

I’ve been left gobsmacked by this week’s news that the government is introducing legislation against loving your child: the Equalities Bill will mean that it will be an offence to stop a woman breastfeeding her child in public. Here’s the catch, though. This is ONLY valid until the child is six months of age.

At any time beyond that, a woman breastfeeding in public can be charged with INDECENCY. Yes, you read that right. In a culture of page three girls and pornographic magazines visible in shops where children can see women’s breasts being exploited for sexual gratification and lust, women who meet their child’s biological needs in public will be considered criminals.

The government apparently reckons it wants women to feel confident about breastfeeding. What rubbish! If it wants women to feel confident then the very last thing it should be introducing is a law about when you should cut off your love!

What Starched Fart in parliament came up with this madness? This is a blatant attack on a baby’s rights. This is politically-sanctioned CHILD ABUSE. Mothers, speak up about this! Don’t be bullied into closet breastfeeding and buying into the attitude that breastfeeding is still a cultural embarrassment.

Breastfeeding is what keeps humans sane, not to mention healthy! Humanity needs us to breastfeed or our children will grow up as intellectually and emotionally bankrupt as the idiots who make these laws. Am I angry? Yes, you betcha!

I can tell you right now, if I was still breastfeeding young babies or children, I would defy this law every time I was out in public. Laws are designed to protect people…this law does NOT protect babies or young children and their mothers. It makes them open to prejudice, attack and perpetuates the blind ignorance in our culture...I would fight this law to the highest judges in the land, and then some. Describing a woman as indecent for breastfeeding a baby over 6 months of age in public is undescribably stupid.

This law reveals the depth of our cultural wounding in relation to the feminine, to nurturing and to love and being loved. It also sends out the very wrong message that breastfeeding beyond six months isn’t necessary. So many people in the ‘health care’ professions are under the false illusion that breast milk is deficient in nutrients beyond six months. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We know from studies that exclusive breastfeeding for at least SEVEN months gives babies iron stores for life! And yet, what information do health visitors and the like keep passing out? Wean your baby at SIX months because there’s not enough iron in breast milk. And on it goes.

I was interviewed on BBC radio the other day and the broadcaster kept going on about the Nipple Police. Sorry, but how often do you see a nipple when a woman is breastfeeding? The nipple is the last thing you see!

If people feel offended by women who breastfeed in public, then they should look the other way. It’s not that bloody hard! I do it with things I find offensive….like butcher shops, babies plugged with dummies, babies in prams where they can't see the mother's face, parents verbally or physically abusing their children, mothers who smoke in front of their babies, toddlers in leashes, babies fed counterfeit milk which sets them up for all sorts of illnesses and diseases, and so on. If these things aren’t legislated against, then the love and nurturing of a mother certainly shouldn’t be. How crazy does our culture have to get before we wake up to ourselves?

I suppose women will start carrying birth certificates in case they’re pulled up because their chubby and healthy breastfed baby looks older than six months. Gosh, policemen might have to start carrying baby weigh scales around!

Can anyone else see the insanity of this law? All I hear are people from breastfeeding circles saying ‘it’s a good start’. BULL SHIT! This is NOT in the best interests of mothers or babies…it’s pandering to the ignorant, misinformed, uneducated and those out of touch with instinct. It will become the holy grail for all sorts of discrimination!

A baby’s need for love, comfort, warmth, security, enzyme-rich food and drink on cue from their mother does NOT change at six months.

Babies biologically expect to receive on-cue breastfeeding for at least nine months and, after that, who are we to dictate when and how they feed. It’s cruel, and the real criminal is the politician who thinks this is equality.

I make zero apologies for the depth of feeling I have for all the children who’ll suffer and be compromised by this ‘law’. I, for one, will NOT be shutting up about this.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bristol Breastfeeding Mums

If you live in, near or around Bristol and you're a mum who breastfeeds on cue, then you might like to take part in a project which will have a significant impact on those who work in the front line of maternal health care ~ that is, midwives, health visitors, etc., as well as new mums.

I'm involved in a filming project (not for TV broadcast) and will be in the area near the back end of June. If you'd like to know more, please drop me a line. I'd also like to hear from you if you're pregnant and due to give birth this month.

Love, Veronika

Breastfeeding Britain ~ BE THE CHANGE