Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Breastfeeding Awareness petition to Downing street June 2008

Breastfeeding supporters, speak now about the new Equalities Law. You can petition by clicking on this link. An email will then be sent to your inbox which you will have to 'click'. It is so VERY easy to do. I urge you, if you really care about the rights of babies and children, to take 30 seconds to add your voice.

My breastfeeding years are over. My girls have had EVERYTHING they needed from breastfeeding. I've done this petition for YOUR children and your grandchildren, etc. Take action. Every extra voice truly does make a difference.

With love

~ Veronika


b'earth witch said...

Well Done Veronika, Thank you so much for doing this and allowing people to have their voices heard. love Hx

Cath said...

A friend sent a link to your blog and the petition to our Breast Feeding Network bulletin board. Just wanted to say "Well Done", we need more women like you who get off their arses and make a noise! xx

Jessica said...

Wonderful! You did wonderfully with your children! You're a hero to my daughter and I (my daughter because she still nurses at almost 18 months, and me because without examples from mothers like you, I would've given up a long time ago!). Thank you so much for this!

Mary said...

Thanks so much Veronika! I've posted this onto my blog as well hoping more people will see it and sign it. I noted you mentioned back in May about forced vaccinations here, and I just received an email with this petition link. perhaps you'd like to post about this one too, as I have now done. Blessings,