Friday, June 27, 2008

Since when does artificial milk contain love????????

A reader kindly posted this link in the comments section.

If you find it as distasteful, unethical and downright wrong as I do, please write to MSN and the milk company! How dare they even suggest there is love in artificial/counterfeit factory produced gunk! AND to have it on a page about optimal nutrition for breastfeeding!

No baby in the world would choose that stuff over their mother's own warm, liquid love.

The world REALLY has gone bonkers!


Dirty Harlot said...

Looks like it's gone?

Sarah Horrigan said...

Very late to this post... but I thought you might like to hear about something my four year old said not so long ago. She'd just had some milk, turned to me and said 'you know what it tastes like? It tastes like love'.


I bet no formula fed child has ever said that about artifical milk