Saturday, November 25, 2006

The magic of manifestation

Saturday Cuppa: Cranberry and Raspberry tea

It’s been one of those lovely weeks that make life feel special.

My mum sent me my first piano examination book and it had a page of my handwriting (scales etc) in it. I don’t have any writing from so long ago and it was really odd, yet special, to see it. I’ve often told the girls I won the neatest handwriting competition in school ~ a far cry from today when all my writing is done via keyboard.

Paul pointed out how different my writing is now, both in size and style ~ graphologists would have a field day to see how my personality has changed.


On Wednesday the girls and I went to London and met up with three gorgeous women and their families for a photo shoot. I’ll write more about the article in January, just prior to publication. It’s for a national newspaper’s magazine and the group photo is to go with our interviews/passion for natural parenting.

Nikki came from Somerset with her five beautiful children ~ all home educated. She’s one of my closest friends and it’s rather unfortunate we live so far apart. But we’re scheming to change that sometime in this lifetime!

Shazzie, my awesome Web Mistress and MD of Detox your World, came with little Evie. Doncha love how toddlers won’t sit still for photos? Such a charming creature she managed to get away with running here, there and everywhere. Clearly she got that gene from her mum! ~ As a single mum, Shazzie manages to run an incredible raw and living foods business employing several people. Respect! It’s funny when you have so much email contact with someone to only see them once a year. Strange. Again, we live a long way apart. Not good.

The other mum was Melissa Corkhill, editor of The Green Parent a parenting publication recently voted as one of 40 initiatives which are changing the world. We’ve not met before, so it was such a treat to meet her, Jez, and their beautiful daughters.

I don’t recommend going to London from Cumbria and back, with two lively kids, and having a camera flash in your face a few hundred times, all in one day. Exhausting. Took me a day to recover! Still, it was so worth it to meet up with these gorgeous ladies.


For a few months now, Eliza (currently named Bonnie; last week she insisted on being Lissy May) has been begging me for another cat. Last year we replaced Grenzie’s (formerly Gretel) brother Elvis (after he went AWOL ~ boys! [eyebrows raised]) with Henry, the world’s greatest cat. He was so brilliant…so sociable. Just one amazing cat!

Last October we nipped down to Somerset for a few days to host the holistic parenting expo and when we returned he was nowhere to be seen. (What was I just saying about boys?) We searched the village high and low. Just about everyone had seen him. He’d supped at all the cottages, dining in style and charming everyone. Henry has never come back. Clearly having someone bring him food in our absence wasn’t enough, he wanted company too.

I told Eliza that we’d get a new cat soon and we’d probably get another from a cat refuge, like we did with Henry. Eliza had other plans. She wanted a Persian. My heart sank. I had a few Persians about 20 years ago (God that makes me feel old!) and as lovely as they are, they’re such hard work to maintain knot-free hair. Wasn’t one of my most successful cat-parenting times, I must say. Eliza swore black and blue that she’d groom such a cat.

“Yeah, right. Just like you feed Grenzie every day, right?”

“I promise Mum,” she said. I wasn’t convinced.

The girls don’t get much time on the computer as I am still not comfortable with them being so close to such radiation, but they do know how to access the internet if there is info they want. It’s quite cute really, if I peek in recent google searches. Bethany looks to see if she can find Daniel Radcliffe’s (aka Harry Potter) home address and Eliza’s searches are all about ‘100s of kitten photos’.

She thought she’d struck gold when she came across a site with Persians for sale. £300 a pop.

Here’s the thing. I’m always telling the kids to visualise their future, the life they want and so on. So on one hand I’m telling her that if she REALLY wants a Persian ( I drew the line at a Siamese...they yowl non-stop) then she needs to imagine it with all her heart.

And on the other hand I’m saying, “but honey I don’t have that sort of money for a cat.” Actually, I wouldn’t pay for cat full stop. I also kept baulking at the long hair issue. Talk about sending mixed messages to her. I did, however, tell her to trust that the perfect cat would come to her and it would all happen very easily.

And then early this week, as we were heading out the door, a lady in the village was leaving a message to ask if we were by any chance looking for another cat. Agggggggggggggh ~ race to the phone and pant “Yes Jane, we are. Can’t talk as I’m out the door, but we will have it and I’ll ring you back tonight.”

Before we met the cat, the owner emailed me a photo. Eliza said, "how is that you can love a cat so much even before you've met it?"

I told her I felt that way about her and Bethany before they were born.

Well, you wouldn’t’ believe it...but our new feline resident, William, aka Malsome Toffeefudge is a pedigree! A British short hair (ie, Persian origin but with manageable coat) and toooo cute! So placid, so gorgeous. He’s 7 months old but so FAT. Time for FAT CAMP! He’s been living in a townhouse down in the Lake District (probably never even seen a mouse!) and is about to discover grass, trees, other animals and is still coming to grips with the noisy, noisy kids!)

It turns out the house where he lived had an aging cat that just had no time for a baby cat and it’s been hell on earth there. William cost them a small fortune, and Eliza received him for not a bean. I am so impressed with her manifestation. Actually, I’ve seen the girls manage to do that with plenty of things but somehow, this seemed really impressive to me.

My turn now to create some magic stuff in my life. Move over girls. Watch this space!


Anonymous said...

Doncha just love it when the Universe responds? Great bit of reality creating girls...

Now then Mum, your turn...

Great to hear about the shoot going well too - but blimey what a load of stuff for one day!

jood said...

my siamese says i have to write to you and say siamese dont yowl..they have very interesting conversations...but not non stop.