Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Love Vessel

Today's Cuppa: calming chamomile

I was out amongst The Muggles today…and found myself desperately holding back tears as I witnessed a vicious attack. Unfortunately, it was one of those attacks where cultural taboos prevented me from stepping in, something I now regret.

Standing in the queue of Penrith Post Office, I watched a man go ballistic at his son when he discovered he hadn't brought money to pay for a parcel they were sending. It turned out the father didn't have any cash on him either. He *could* have apologised to the teller and said, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, can you hold this parcel till we go and get my wallet?" Instead, he emotionally (and mentally and spiritually) pummelled his teenage son to the ground. That *we* can do this to those we love the most is mind-numbing. A bonded parent would have found other (harmless) ways to express frustration. To have inflicted such psychic violence and torture on this boy in public, leaves me questioning how he behaves when he's not on best behaviour in front of twenty plus witnesses. I have had similar feelings watching twenty stone men raising their body against tiny toddlers in supermarkets saying "You just wait till we get home!"

I was energetically shattered by witnessing this attack, in much the same way as when I've seen CCTV footage of brutal physical beatings on tv.

A short time later I was in another building when a man in his fifties started his tirade. When his wife asked if he'd finished the shopping, he loudly and rudely said "If you stopped minding everyone else's business and got your fat arse over here, we'd have had the shopping done."

Mantra-like, I chimed in the four walls of my mental prison ~ "It's none of your business, Veronika! It's none of your business, Veronika! It's none of your business, Veronika! It's none of your business, Veronika!"

Holes formed in my tongue as I forced myself away from them. I'd have liked to ask the man, gently of course, if he had any idea of how nasty and vulgar his tone was to her ~ the love of his life. Was it necessary to speak to her like that? And to ask her, "WHY do you allow him to speak to you like that?"

Where is the love? Where is the LOVE??????? Don't you know, can't you FEEL, that violence only breeds more violence?

Look into each other's eyes. You're not enemies. You're connected by Divine Thread. To hurt each other, is to hurt your self. Why would you inflict such pain on yourself?

This hostility is so alien to me that when I witness such scenes I beg the gods to transport me back to my own planet. "Please, have mercy!"

I'm no saint by any means, and live an imperfect life, but the widespread dysfunction which exists in our society is truly frightening. All the ideas I want to instil into the mass consciousness about love, bonding and optimal parenting, are simply foreign tongue to the masses.

I would never stay in a relationship in which I was treated with anything less than respect and love.

Back home now, in my humble Love Shack, I can breathe again. Drawbridge hoisted up firmly, I reflect on a species so far out of touch with the good and brilliant within them. What a waste.

Creating a space of love must start with our self. When we're able to love and respect every aspect of our being it becomes impossible for another to enter that space in an attitude of anything less than reverence, love, gratitude, humour (not sarcasm) and harmony.

Really simple science = we're mostly made of water, a vibrational, magnetic substance. Fill your inner vessel with peace and purity and you simply must attract the same back into your life.


Laura McIntyre said...

I have seen scenes such as those and they always break my heart. My sister yells at her daughter in public so much i get scared for my neice in private. We all get upset sometimes but i feel yelling is never an answer

Harmonious Living said...

Dear Veronika.
Celebrating your inner commitment in remembering! thats its none of our business! You are of course right!

BUT I so often lose this remembering! and sometimes that elf of my tongue cannot sustain the choice of my logic and knowing to shut up!

I have to say that I do tend to size up the guy in questions first, (I say guy, as it is so often a guy!)
My tongue can be disobedient, but my sense of self preservation is stronger.
Although at times, when it involves a child, my tongue will act before my sense of preservation has a chance to air its control!
So far touch wood, I havent been swiped at. Did once get a mouthful of a verbal abuse.

Its not that us systers are not known to lose it! but I feel that we have enough ego self respect, not to spill it out so readily in public!! lol.

I feel there is more 'permissioning' for men to show up rough in public, so they dont have the same inner restraints.

My elf of tongue has been heard to interfere on several occasions, usually involving, as you observe, the violation of the feminine partner and or the errant child.

My observation being that often, the adult will take out their personal 'unclaimed and unacknoweledged' stuff onto the weaker. That being either their parner and or child.

I have seen this also happen with dog owners towards their dogs.

It isnt any of my business, but ?? I sometimes feel that some public humiliation for the perpetrator might? encourage them not to do it in future? although in truth, I feel it more likely, they just might refrain from public display, that may well protect my shattering, but not the later experience of the child or parner?

What saddens me, is that these actions lodge in the energetic fields of the victim, and later play out in their adult life.

This is why I personally feel that when we all invest in our own conscious and compassionate therapeutic process of 'meeting ourselves' and once more celebrating our worth and brilliance, that 'work' is not just done for our selves, but for all others.

By just having chosen to incarnate on this plane at this time (for whatever reason!?!?) we all have a mission and vision to embrace this wonderous journey of sincere self knowing (not new age ego enhancing stuff)says she with derisory cynicism!

I am talking the real process of meeting our brilliance, feeling and radiating out light.

I hope that one day I might go into the muggle world and purely my light will be enough. lol... so that I wont need to voice my mouth grin! - I doooooooooo feel already, that children especially, and those with awareness do feel that light, there are times, just a feeling, an eye exchange, tells me that there are more and more systers and brothers feeling this.

The mother magazine is one of those sacred spaces where folks feeeeeeeel the knowing and the remembering - Its about so much than the articles, its about the SOURCE that fueled and continues to fuel the expression of the magazine.

Bit like going into nature, standing by the sea, or a spring of water, we feel so good cause we feeeeeeeeeel the Source, the power of the Cosmic Intelligence that created.

So as ever thankyou...