Thursday, September 27, 2007

Petition to the government/Bringing up baby and other abusive-based parenting shows

This is a petition to Downing Street asking them to prevent tv production companies/broadcasters from allowing child abuse on their programmes.

If you were disturbed at the promotion of baby torture on Channel Four's Bringing up baby, please consider adding your name to this petition. Please click the link, it's VERY easy to fill out.

All babies deserve our love, care, respect and committment to their well-being. Please help put an end to the insanity of denying a baby it's BASIC BIOLOGICAL NEEDS. Thanks, Veronika

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mighty acorns said...

i suppose this will be another 'quality' reality programme from the UK to grace our screens here in NZ soon enough. i actually thought this must be a send up - what kind of parent would actually do this to their child...and have it broadcast. i have signed the petition even though I haven't seen the programme.