Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Mother magazine

I’m heading off to Forest Row for a few days but wanted to share my new look website before I hopped on the train

The new design is courtesy of my lovely new web mistress, Karen Arnott. THANK YOU KAREN! It's great to have a feminine feel to it at last after six years.


If you need web design, logos, brochures, baby announcement cards, flyers, corporate stationary, wedding stationary…have a look at Karen’s website:

Have a great week ~ and keep cuddling the kids! The cuddle you forget, or don't get around to giving today because you're too busy, can't be caught up on tomorrow.

~ Veronika ~


Anonymous said...

A few entries ago, you stated that no pregnancy is unplanned (though they may be planned unconsciously). This means that Elizabeth Fritzl and many other victims of rape/incest who become pregnant 'want to' become pregnant on some subconscious level! I find that idea repugnant. While rape and incest account for only one percent of all pregnancies, the idea that these women (sometimes very young girls) want to become pregnant would lead to the idea that they 'want' to be abused, since they couldn't become pregnant unless they were being impregnated by their attackers. I must respectfully disagree with this whole concept. Many women long to have a baby but never achieve it, while other women do all they can to avoid motherhood (apart from abstain from sex, of course!) and yet they become pregnant. Many women do nothing to help their health or the health of their unborn babies, yet they have healthy babies, while other women do everything they can to be healthy and still suffer tragedy. I do believe that our thoughts influence our reality, but no human has such sovereign control of their circumstances.
Happy blogging!

Veronika said...

I agree that situations like this are very difficult to comprehend, for all sorts of reasons, and I can also see why you’d like to just throw my comments out of the window. That choice is yours.

for any human to comprehend the answers to your questions requires an expanded consciousness and deep spiritual understanding of why and how we choose our physical incarnation and experiences. These answers exist
for sincere seekers.

The heart, like the grape, is prone to delivering its harvest in the same moment it appears to be crushed.
Roger Houseden