Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fundamental rights

I heard recently about someone saying that The Mother magazine is too fundamental. Darn right we are! She felt that The Continuum Concept wasn’t really practical for most people.

The in-arms phase
is fundamental
to our lifelong health and wellbeing.

Parents may be too selfish, ignorant or neglectful to parent in a continuum fashion, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t vital for the child. It is absolutely fundamental to them. As for practical, well, personally, I think that is just an excuse. So yes, I agree, The Mother magazine is fundamental. And there’s a reason for that: our children need ‘fundamental’ child rearing.


Phoenix said...

I completely agree.

Babies are no bother, and they are tiny! It is no hardship to wrap them or strap them to your front (or back!) and continue going about your daily business, only stopping briefly to help them latch on to the breast.

Sadly this country has real issue with babies being dependent, it's absurd :(

heartfeltmommy said...

I agree wholeheartedly! Western culture in particular I feel fights against this kind of parenting than in other cultures. It is sometimes a challenge to my own upbringing to continue raising our son this way (although I feel with this much practice with out first our future children will have much more solidified parents!). I do however, feel great that I have found excellent resources to keep me feeling strong in my beliefs, especially when I am challenged so much by family, friends, and society!