Wednesday, May 01, 2013


The key to being a writer (indeed, the key to an examined life) is observation. It's about noticing the little things. What colours were in the sunrise? Why type of clouds are in the sky today? What did breakfast taste like? Were you hungry when you ate or did you consume food simply because it was that time of day? How did the grass feel beneath your feet? What does your lounge room smell like? Incense, fresh air, cats, last night's curry?

When we're introduced to people, it's easy to not even remember their name one minute later. Why is that? Why are we, in general, so forgetful? Culturally, we're taught to consume. And with that incessant need to have more and more, we actually absorb less and less. We don't notice the dew on the spiderweb or the scent of the freesias or how the crows feet on the corners of our eyes are showing the world just how much we've smiled. 

Next time you eat, stop doing anything else. Just use your senses and be with your food, with the process of digestion and see how much you notice.

When you're talking with someone, really look into their eyes. Notice the different flecks of colour. Life is rich, so rich. If only we'd take the time to see. 

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