Friday, April 26, 2013


My debut novel, Mosaic, was launched this week at a party in my favourite bookshop: Wordsworth Bookshop and Cafe, here in the Cumbrian market town of Penrith. We were joined by the cover artist, Sara Simon ( and Irish singer-songwriter Mandy Bingham and her husband, Graham, performed beautiful ballads.

It was a delightful event which I shared with my daughter, Eliza, who was launching her second novel!

At the book launch ~ ready for signing.

What readers are saying about Mosaic


Well I could savour no more and just sat and read it all!! I can tell you it takes a lot to make me sit down in the day and read! I have cried my way through your beautiful book. I have truly loved it, and am so honoured to be in it. I really am. It is a beautiful book, and I miss all the characters hugely already! Bring on the next one!! Mandy Bingham, singer and songwriter

It's a fantastic book, I finished it last night (Monday) (it arrived Saturday morning). I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to everyone. It has the most beautiful description of a birth that I've ever read in a novel. I look forward to your next novel, Veronika. Michelle  

I awoke early this morning to sunlight streaming through the house. Making a pot of cinnamon tea I settled down in my favourite chair and read Mosaic. What a treat ~ simple, truthful, peaceful, evocative, inspiring. A time spent with friends old and new ~ Thank you. Samantha

I just have to share that I received my copy of Mosaic yesterday, and managed to
finish it already between naps and my son's bedtime. What a WONDERFUL read. It
is poignant to all of us who share the ethos of The Mother, and truly relevant to
everyone who is human. It was an amazing catalyst for me into some of the sore
places in my heart that are so deeply in need of healing; places that are
affecting my mothering of my son, and are crying out for ways to heal. I
literally began to remember how to cry them out as I read the book.

The first page had me... the characters were immediately like my old friends and
as they shared more of themselves with Topaz, the main character, I felt like I
had known them all my life... it reminded me how incredibly important it is to
have a circle of women in my life... something I have been desperately missing
since moving to England 2.5 yrs ago.

Topaz is a beautiful mix of already-amazing woman and one open to expanding
and learning new ways of being in the world. I was inspired and reassured that
there is still time to become everything I dream of. And the storyline
unfolding in her life kept me turning the pages well after I should have been in

It was also incredibly refreshing to read a novel that fully encompasses the
parenting life I find so natural and comfortable... scenes of delicious
vegetarian food, sweet experiences of birthing, parenting, educating ~ a way of
being in the world that is in line with Nature. Usually reading novels there is
some place that sticks, or prickles; some place where the way "the world"
assumes a way of being that just goes against what I feel that I end up with a
bad taste in my mouth. Mosaic left me with sweetness the whole way through,
even through the bitter, painful, tearful parts.

If you have considered getting a copy... don't wait :)

Much Love,


Mosaic is published by Starflower Press. Signed copies available when purchased directly from the website. Also available from all good bookshops and Amazon.


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